Haferland Week

Event Programme Haferland Week 2019


  • Thursday – July 25th 2019

Archita – Diversity in the Community

Fortified Church

10 a.m. Multisensory exhibition

Brunch with local products

Traditional dances by performers from Archita and Vânători
Viscri – Cultural picnic

House No. 8

1 p.m. Un loc sub soare – exhibition by Imola Popescu Feldberg

Café Artizanat, House No. 73

1 p.m. Haferland lunch with traditional food

Workshop Tour of the Fortified Church

4 p.m. Film screening Vise împlinite în Transilvania / Zuwanderung nach Siebenbürgen, Erfolgsgeschichten by director Florin Besoiu

Fortified Church

6 p.m. Poem for Jazz Orchestra – ICon Arts concert by Ciprian Dancu, Anca Preda, Adrian Adam and Gabi Barani


  • Friday – July 26th 2019


Homorod – Enjoy the culture

Fortified Church

10 a.m. Religious Service & pipe organ music


Saschiz – Musical Brunch

Fortified Church

12 a.m. Conference on community with Theodor Paleologu

ADEPT Foundation

2 p.m. Brunch with local products

Community house

2 p.m. Pottery workshop & painting demonstration


Rupea – New perspectives

Rupea Fortress

4 p.m.  Brass band music

Exhibition of photography Rupea from another time

Documentary exhibition Forgotten handcraft by Ethnography Museum Rupea

Glass painting – exhibition and workshop

Exhibition with the woodworks of The Carpentry School in Rupea

5.15 p.m.  Activities for children

5.45 p.m. Music and dances of „Casa Ioana” children home

6.15 p.m. Folk dance with Junii Cetăţii

6.30 p.m. Hungarian dances

7 p.m. Concert for violin and piano

7.40 p.m. Folk dances with Rujiţa ensemble

5.50 p.m. Brass band music

8 p.m. Outdoor film screening Deportaţii: Generaţii la răscruce  by Cristian Amza


  • Saturday – July 27th 2019


Criț – Experience the arts and culture in Haferland!

Fortified Church

11 a.m. Religious Service in the Fortified Church with pipe organ music

Cantus Mundi children’s choir

11 a.m. Painting demonstrations & workshops

 The story of the Saxon Chests in Transylvania – ASTRA Museum Sibiu exhibition

Life in Criț – exhibition of paintings by Hans Schuster

Photographic exhibition showcasing the life of communities in Haferland

Let`s go into details – Scale model of Criț village

Activities for children – Carousel and other interactive games

Food court

1 p.m.  Brass band music and traditional Transylvanian Saxon, Hungarian & Romanian dances

2 p.m. Campaign presentation Etnicii Germani. 100 de destine în secolul românesc

4 p.m.  PlaCello in the Church – ICon Arts concert by Răzvan Suma, Ștefan Cazacu, Ella Bokor & Bogdan Postolache

5 p.m. Film screening Mănuși roșii by director Radu Gabrea

8 p.m. The Transylvanian Saxon Ball by Burzenländer Partyband


  • Sunday – July 28th 2019


Bunești – Breakfast snack and fresh air

Fortified Church

10 a.m. Tasty food cooked by the locals

             Visit to the fortified church and museum


Roadeș – 10 years Tabaluga Foundation in Roadeș

Main Street, No. 1

1 p.m.  Artistic programme for the Young and for the Restless

Cantus Mundi choir

Folkloric dances with the ensamble from Codlea, with Junii Săceleni and dances of the

children taking part in the After School project of Tabaluga Foundation

Diverse workshops for children and the inner child

Interactive games

Tasty traditional food


  • Monday – 29 July 2019


Meșendorf – On the community`s steps

Fortified Church

10.00 a.m. Delicious local snack

11.00 a.m. Service in the fortified church and church visit

12.00 a.m. Cantus Mundi children`s choir

1 p.m.  Haferland lunch

2 p.m. Visit to a traditional Saxon House from the village


Cloașterf – Feels like summer in Haferland

Fortified Church

12.30 a.m. Let`s brunch

2.30 p.m.  IOpera Brunch – ICon Arts concert by Veronica Anușca & Dan Cristian Hodrea

3.30 p.m. Let`s sing without orchestra!