About us

How did it all began?

Following a long history of individual cultural and social programmes developed through their respective charity organisations, the famous rock singer of Romanian origin, Peter Maffay and the reputable businessman, Michael Schmidt, owner of the Automobile Bavaria Group, have decided in 2012 to maximise the synergies between the various associations active in the Oat Country.

This is how the Haferland Week was born, as an annual event meant to promote cultural heritage and revitalise local traditions.

If the first edition of the festival brought together hundreds of participants, among which most of them were Saxons who returned to their home land during summer, in the following year the number of tourists reached approximately 1000 persons, while, at the next editions, more than 5500 people partipated, both members of local communities, and Romanian and foreign tourists attracted by the beautiful landscapes and the fascinating stories of Haferland.