The Region

Due to the rough climate in the Transylvanian area located between Rupea and Sigishoara, the people used to mainly harvest oat. Therefore this region was referred to as „Haferland“, which is the German name for the „Oat Country“.

Over the years, these Transylvanian villages have gained a wonderful and unique charm, which still reminds us of the good old times.

If you travel to Crit, Viscri, Mesendorf, Cloasterf, Roades, Saschiz or Fiser, they will take you back to the times when the Transylvanian Saxon „neighbourhoods“ still existed.

You will find solid houses resembling  little fortresses with lightly furnished rooms and wooden furniture tastefully ornated with colourful traditional patterns. On your journey through the Transylvanian region you will also find the old fortified churches which entice you with meaningful organ recitals.


In case you have planned a trip, or are planning to do so, but don’t know where to sleep at yet, have a look at the following hotels.

Europa KekeltalAlbesti0756 806 177
Castle Hotel DanielBradut0725 942 787
Bike Check InnBunesti0747 360 224
Dominic BoutiqueCloasterf0722 291 234
Cloasterf HausCloasterf0751 279 711
Pension Agroturistica ElenaCrit0744 485 032
Convivium TransilvaniaCrit0721 240 459
Casa KrausCrit0743 255 553
Casa SchmidtCrit0268 262 319
La HansiCrit0743 067 402
Residence HomorodHomorod0727 739 378
Mesendorf GasthausMesendorf0799 782 398
Areo HotelOdorheiu Secuiesc0747 478 797
Hotel TarnavaOdorheiu Secuiesc0266 213 963
Hotel DumbravaRupea0234 513 302
Michael`s HouseRupea0268 260 945
Motel RupeaRupea0268 248 332
Pensiunea VanessaRupea0766 701 816
valea cu poneiRupea, Dumbravita0723 692 637
Pensiunea KeisdSaschiz0740 325 796
Hotel ImperialSighisoara 0365 433 846
Fronius ResidenceSighisoara0786 364 367
La Teo Pensiune si PivnitaSighisoara0265 771 677
CASA SAVRISighisoara 0757 073 665
Hotel Central ParkSighisoara0365 730 006
Double Tree bz HiltonSighisoara021 200 6270
Bella VistaSighisoara0735 133 471
Casa SavriSighisoara0757 073 665
Viscri 125Viscri0723 579 489

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